Custom Shade Specialists

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Distinctive Dental Studio, Ltd. has the “Distinctive Advantage” of having an industry reputation for being “Custom Shade Specialists." As such, we take great care of your patients. Many patients come to us concerned that their restoration will not look natural, and we delight in alleviating their concerns. It is our mission to make you and your patient happy! In doing so, Distinctive Dental Studio, Ltd. offers the following services with each appointment:

• Predictable, friendly, on-time appointments

No time limit. Patients will not be rushed out the door as patient satisfaction is key and a priority

• Custom shade matching performed by highly skilled, experienced Certified Dental Technicians trained in the art of Cosmetics

• We genuinely listen to the patient’s needs and expectations

• Sterile procedures are followed to ensure patient safety

• A stellar record of OSHA Compliance including Infection Control

Please pre-arrange your custom shade appointment by contacting Distinctive Dental Studio, Ltd. at: (800) 552-7890.

Custom Shade Room

Our Custom Shade Room offers the warmth of an antique Barber’s Chair. It is our desire to pay homage to the history of dentistry, and the Barber’s Chair is where it all began. Patients are delighted when they see the melding of the past with the technological advancements of the future. They take away an exceptional, extraordinary experience that cannot be duplicated by other laboratories.

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Patient Testimonial

Distinctive Dental Studio, Ltd. has provided thousands of custom shades since 1984 and, over the years, received countless letters from satisfied patients and dentists alike. Here is an example of just one letter supporting our reputation as “Custom Shade Specialists:"

“Last July, I had a four-tooth crown/bridge made to replace my four front teeth. It is anchored with two implants, one new and the other several years old. When the bridge came back, it was not what I expected, being far too yellow and opaque or flat looking. After agonizing for some time, I decided not to go with it when the doctor called your lab and set up a consultation. It was late in the afternoon, but since I come out from downtown Chicago, your lab agreed to wait and see me as soon as I could get there.

Two very competent women from your lab stayed and did the consultation. They spent quite a bit of time on it, they were very careful, and they listened to what I wanted. They took many pictures, went through several sample colors, consulted with each other and with me, and finally decided that a graduated mix of colors would look best. I was especially worried about the lack of translucence in the teeth, which made them look opaque and artificial, and somehow they knew what to do about that, too.

When the crown was ready, I returned and was delighted with what I saw. They look very much like real teeth, and they cover the space perfectly. I am smiling in pictures again! I returned to the dentist, who put in the implant for some work on another tooth, and both he and his assistant remarked on how good this crown looked, noting that they see a lot of them, and this was exceptional. I was happy to agree with their judgment.

I cannot thank you enough for your careful work. Please express my gratitude to your staff.

Sincerely yours,

Catherine P., Chicago, IL

Educational / Other Materials

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Shade Taking Within Your Practice

With the advent of digital technology, digital photography for shade taking within dental practices is commonplace. Our ceramists will digitally review your snapshots and assist you in providing the most accurate shade possible, especially for those uncommon shades. Please forward your snapshot to and customer service will contact you.

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If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, please give us a call or drop us an email.