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Argenco Y+ Crown Single Unit and Span Bridge

Product Description

All-Metal 2% Gold crowns are the perfect choice for dentists who want the look and feel of a full gold crown at an affordable fixed price. This type III Noble White alloy (2% Gold) from Argen is suitable for full-metal crowns, short span bridges, inlays, and onlays and easily polishes to a high luster.

DDS, Ltd. primarily mills All-Metal 2% Gold crowns because milling offers better fit as well as improved consistency and accuracy over full cast crowns; however, on occasion due to quick-turnaround time constraints, casting is necessary. Because the composition varies slightly from a milled all-metal crown vs. a traditional full cast crown and because you have a choice, below highlights our All-Metal 2% Gold products and corresponding compositions:

  • Au2 Milled: 2% Gold, 32.7% Palladium, 34.5% Silver, 28% Indium, 2.6% Zinc, <1% Iridium
  • Argenco Y+ (Full Cast): 2% Gold, 34.9% Palladium, 30% Silver, 30% Indium, 3% Zinc, <1% Iridium

With each case, Distinctive Dental Studio, Ltd. will include an IDENTALLOY® CERTIFICATE certifying the dental casting alloy we used to fabricate the prosthesis. The certificate may then be attached to the patient record.

“Our dentists and patients love Au2 Milled and Argenco Y+ and you will, too!”
– Jim Gorgol, CDT

  • Fixed price—no extra surcharge fees
  • Superior bio-compatibility
  • Strength and durability of gold
  • Plaque resistance
  • The most economical white crown and bridge alloy
  • Meets ADA requirements
  • Designed and fabricated in the USA
  • A Type III Noble White alloy
  • Suitable for all-metal crowns and short span bridges, inlays, and onlays.
  • Not suitable for porcelain fused to metal crowns
  • Not suitable for long span bridges
  • Bite registration
  • Upper and lower impressions or models
  • We also accommodate .STL files from your intra-oral scanner

ADA Insurance Codes

Crown – Full-Cast Noble Metal: D2792
Pontic – Full-Cast Noble Metal: D6212
Retainer Crown – Full-Cast Noble Metal: D6792

Suggested Preparation

Prep Diagram Gold Crown: Click Here

Suggested Cementation

  • Self-adhesive resin cements such as RelyX™ Unicem (3M ESPE) or Maxcem Elite™ (Kerr)
  • Self-etching resin cements such as Panavia™ F 2.0 (Kuraray) or MultiLink® Automix (Ivoclar)
  • Etch-and-rinse resin cements such as NX3 Nexus™ (Kerr) or Variolink®II (Ivoclar)

Au2 Milled Material Specifications

Safety Data Sheet: Click Here

Argenco Y+ Material Specifications

Safety Data Sheet: Click Here

Educational / Other Materials

Can You Guess Which Crown is Argenco Y+?: Click Here

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