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Naperville has everything to offer new residents. It has the culture and excitement of a larger city, and the community spirit of a small town. Originally settled in the 1830's, Naperville offers a variety of historical attractions, excellent shopping and dining, and the beautiful River Walk.

downtown naperville, il

Naperville is the fifth largest city in Illinois with about 145,000 residents. Ranked as a top community in the United States to raise children, retire and start a home-based business, the city boasts nationally acclaimed schools, the best public library system in the country, and an exceptionally low crime rate.

Naperville prides itself on having a contagious "family spirit" atmosphere. In fact, Naperville has the distinction of being named "The #1 City in the United States to Raise Children". One reason for this is the excellence of the education system. Average scores on standardized tests are consistently among the highest in the state and in the nation. Naperville also offers an award-winning Park District program, a Children's Museum, and the "Safety Town" children's learning center. For detailed information on Naperville, visit

For those interested in the attractions of "The Windy City", downtown Chicago may be reached within an hour either by car or the nearby train system.

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