About Distinctive Dental Studio, Ltd.

Our Mission: Dedicated to improving the quality of life for our clients, their patients and our staff through the utilization of artistry and technology.

Distinctive Dental Studio

Distinctive Dental Studio, Ltd. has been providing quality laboratory restorations and skilled support services to the dental community since 1984. We are family-owned, American-Made. Founded by James Gorgol, CDT, in Naperville, Illinois, DDS, Ltd. is full-service and dedicated to producing the highest quality restorations to quality oriented dentists. By accomplishing this, DDS, Ltd. is able to establish both a professional and personal long-lasting relationship with its clients.

"Through marketing programs, seminar support, a five-year fixed warranty and a "no fault" remake policy, DDS, Ltd. has definite "Distinctive" advantages over typical labs."

Distinctive Dental Studio, Ltd. is moderately sized and offers the characteristics of both a small and large sized laboratory. We establish a "small lab" relationship by servicing the dentist, assuring his/her case is receiving the utmost quality and individual attention during fabrication. DDS, Ltd. has the stability of a "larger" laboratory offering the resources of training, research and development as well as opportunities for advanced educational training to all technicians.

Prior to shipping, all cases whether complete, try-in, repair, etc., are carefully inspected establishing a standard of quality control that remains constant. With the combined experience and expertise of the technicians and administration, DDS, Ltd. creates a network of information available to the dentist for consultation and/or troubleshooting with any case. DDS, Ltd.'s commitment to providing the highest quality restorations not only creates a personal relationship with the dentist but also with the dentist and satisfied patients.

To keep our clients abreast of the ever-changing developments in the dental field, DDS, Ltd. hosts Continuing Professional Education Programs. Topics range from new products, cosmetics, removables to implant and practice management. Call us for more information.

Five Year Warranty

One of the "Distinctive" features of our laboratory is the Five-Year Fixed Warranty on all completed restorations."

Our warranty helps assure you and your patients' peace of mind. Perhaps the most important thing our dental lab offers is the personal commitment by our staff to provide you with the finest quality, service, and long-term care.

Our customers save thousands of dollars per year by being automatically enrolled in the Distinctive Dental Studio, Ltd. “Key Advantage” monthly volume discount program. We are pleased to offer this added benefit for the following monthly sales tiers:

  • $3,000 - $3,999 = 2% Discount
  • $4,000 - $14,999 = 5% Discount
  • $15,000 and up = 8% Discount

Combine all associates in the same group practice to save even more!
If you need help qualifying for the “Key Advantage” program, consider using Distinctive Dental Studio, Ltd. across all product lines. As a board certified full-service laboratory, we specialize in Implants, Cosmetic & Fixed Restorations, CAD/CAM & Digital Technologies, Removables, and Custom Shades.

*To take advantage of "Key Advantage" volume discounts, prior month's balance must be received by the 20th of the current month. For added benefit, contact us to combine all associates in the same group practice.

Made in the USA

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, please give us a call or drop us an email.