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Product Description

Atlantis® Conus concept is a conometric implant-supported dental prosthesis that uses a tapered cone design to retain a cap on the abutment by surface friction. The telescopic abutment design and the manufacturing standards provide a stable yet removable non-resilient prosthesis. The Atlantis® Conus concept is patient-specific, compatible with all major implant systems (more than 50 compatible connections), and provides edentulous patients with palate-free optimal comfort, ease of use, and function. Atlantis® Conus concept also brings simplicity and enhances dental practice profitability by eliminating the time and cost for inventory management and chairside modifications.

The Atlantis® Conus concept can help expand treatment possibilities because it can compensate for resorption and malposition of the alveolar ridge, which can present limitations for fixed solutions.

  • Precision Fit and Long-Term Function – Virtual Atlantis Design (VAD) proprietary software ensure that abutments are designed to be precisely parallel
  • Comfort – A palate-free option increases taste and speech capabilities for improved quality of life
  • Esthetics – Indicated lip and cheek support provides esthetic results for all edentulous situations
  • Simplified Cleaning – Removable by the patient for optimal hygiene and maintenance routines
  • Cost-effective – No extra retention elements and routine follow-up for replacement of retention elements (statistics show on average 26 minutes are spent replacing plastic retention elements for each patient visit)
  • No Fault 1 Year Warranty
  • Custom abutments with lifetime warranty subject to Atlantis® terms and conditions
  • Designed and Fabricated in the USA
  • Fully edentulous arch patients
  • Vertical height requirements: Ideally 13mm – 15 mm; minimum 10.5 mm (providing 5.5 mm for components and 5 mm for material)
  • Vertical height requirements with a metal framework: Ideally 13mm – 15 mm; minimum 12 mm
  • Distribution: Minimum of four implants using favorable load distribution (when possible, place implants in the canine and first molar areas)
  • Distribution: Minimize cantilevers; use traditional criteria of cantilever as with fixed bridge solutions, taking into account the anterior-posterior (AP) spread
  • Poor anterior-posterior (AP) spread
  • Limited inner occlusal height
  • Non-compatible implant systems; i.e., old external hex
  • Relate the abutments to the occlusal plane of the prosthesis
  • Limit angulation of implants to less than 30 degrees
  • Plan for a vertical path of insertion
  • Abutments are delivered with a mandatory Atlantis® Insertion Guide for simplified handling procedures
  • Abutments are positioned according to the space requirements of the final restoration; therefore, a diagnostic tooth setup is always required
  • Upper and lower impressions or models (impression should be made with an individual, rigid tray)
  • Gingival and tooth shade
  • Optional – custom impression tray

ADA Insurance Codes

Prefabricated Abutment incl. Modification and Placement: D6056
Precision Attachment: D5862
Implant Supported Removable Denture - Mandibular: D6111
Implant Supported Removable Denture - Maxillary: D6112

Preparation & Material

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Educational / Other Materials

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