Dental Implants

Distinctive Dental Studio, Ltd. specializes in all types of present-day and legacy implant restorations and systems. In fact, our implant team has over 80 collective years of experience! Distinctive Dental Studio, Ltd. is also proud to be a Nobel Biocare Diamond Award recipient in recognition of our dedication to implant dentistry and for attaining the highest distinction in their Partner Program. We offer complimentary design assistance and fee estimates. We encourage you to pre-estimate each restoration as an aid to establishing your fees.

We only use components that have FDA 510(k) clearance to protect you and your patients.

We will work carefully with each individual restoring dentist to plan both appointment and completion schedules based on the intricacy and complexity of each implant restoration. To learn more, contact Jim Gorgol, CDT at 800-552-7890 or visit

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the most accurate impression? Doctors can choose either digital, open, or closed tray impressions with an open tray being more accurate than a closed tray, but somewhat more technique sensitive. Do not use an open tray impression coping on a closed tray impression because the coping has no retention to hold it in the tray.

2. Do you do mini implants? Yes, these are most commonly used on removable cases. It does not matter to our laboratory what system or size, we work with what the surgeon has placed.

3. When do I need a torque wrench? A torque wrench should always be used at final insertion. Always torque to the manufacturers requirements. We can help you with the number of Newton Centimeters to tighten for all implant systems.

4. What are your most frequently asked for implants/implant systems? We gladly restore whatever implant systems clients send to us. Our most frequent requests are Nobel Biocare®, Astra, Zimmer, and Straumann.

5. Which implant system is your lab’s favorite? Why? For us “Parts is Parts” meaning we do not have a favorite. From a restorative ease standpoint though, clients seem to like the Nobel Biocare® Replace Select Impression copings.

6. What is the cost of an implant consult? No charge. Telephone implant consults are always complimentary as are estimates, no matter how big or small, easy or difficult.

7. How many days in the lab will an implant supported crown take? We request 12 days in lab, excluding pick-up & delivery days, weekends and holidays.

8. Do you order parts for me? Yes, we charge shipping and retail cost plus 30% to cover stocking and ordering costs.

9. Can I use digital impressions for my implant supported crowns? In most cases, yes. Remember that printing the model may take an additional day. Contact Miguel Arias in our CAD/CAM Dept. for technical information or to coordinate (800-552-7890).

10. Do you have any other general implant advice? Yes. Current research shows cotton is not recommended to plug the implant abutment screw access hole because cotton breeds bacteria leading to foul odor and additional inflammation of the peri-implant tissue (this happens as the implant-abutment junction wears/loosens over time). Instead, use a PVS impression material (such as Blu-Mousse®) or PTFE tape (cut into small strips and sterilized), forming a better seal and limiting bacterial growth. (Reference Journal of Oral Implantology Vol. XLIII/No. One/2017 pgs. 39-43, Schoenbaum et al). Also, do not use cement as a plug as it will permanently plug the screw hole.

11. How can I save money in your lab with implants? Streamline the process? Utilizing monolithic materials such as BruxZir® will be more cost effective than porcelain-fused-to-metal. When you purchase an impression coping also purchase any necessary analogs at that time to save money. If you do not save your implant models, be sure to break out the analog for reuse (or send the old model back to us and we will break out the analog, identify the type, place it in a clear sealed bag and return it to you, at no cost).

12. What is the average cost of an implant supported crown? BruxZir® (most popular) $159 (cementable). BruxZir® Screwmentable $169 (We cement onto abutment).

13. What is the average cost of an implant supported crown with abutment? BruxZir® $525. BruxZir® Screwmentable $535.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, please give us a call or drop us an email.