Continuing Professional Education Series

Our goal at Distinctive Dental Studio, Ltd. is to provide high quality education both conveniently and professionally while in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that's conducive to your learning. We strive to offer the finest instructors to address current issues whether product or procedurally based. These on-site seminars are a series of two-hour programs which are AGD PACE approved and are conducted at our on-site conference facility. Please check the schedule often and take advantage of these invaluable opportunities.

"We strive to offer the finest instructors to address current issues whether product or procedurally based."

For larger scale off-site events, we at DDS are proud to provide educational grants to enable the industries keynote speakers a chance to come to the greater Chicagoland area. Please check our off-site schedule so you won't miss these rare opportunities!

On Demand Seminars

Great news! Free on demand continuing education opportunities for our doctors. Earn up to 2.75 hours CE credit and learn more about Conus, Locators, & SmartFix implant solutions, etc.

Life Restored - Solutions for the Fully Edentulous Patient (Conus)
This webinar is a combination of two presentations delivered live at the 2017 World Summit Tour meeting in San Diego, California. The limitations of applied restorative concepts for edentulous implant patients - presented by Dr. Mark Montana.

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Implant Solutions for the Edentulous Patient: Making the Right Decisions (Locator, Conus, SmartFix)
Deciding to employ dental implants for the benefit of the edentulous patient is an easy choice. However, selecting the type of prosthesis to be made and determining the number of implants necessary are complex decisions influenced by patient expectation, cost, performance, esthetics and long-term maintenance. This presentation compares three treatment solutions: the overdenture, the fixed-removable bridge and the screw-retained fixed bridge, and provides a rationale for selecting the best option for each individual patient.

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Redefining Stability and Comfort: The Latest Patient-Specific Edentulous Solution (Conus)
In this webinar you will learn the latest about friction-retained patient-specific edentulous solutions and how they are gaining popularity. The concept uses rigid telescopic principles to give your patients a pure implant-borne, palate free, removable result that is easy to clean. Integrating precision technology with today’s patient’s needs provides them the functionality and esthetics they demand and makes removable dentistry enjoyable again!

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