Continuing Professional Education Series

Our goal at Distinctive Dental Studio, Ltd. is to provide high quality education both conveniently and professionally while in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that's conducive to your learning. We strive to offer the finest instructors to address current issues whether product or procedurally based. These on-site seminars are a series of two-hour programs which are AGD PACE approved and are conducted at our on-site conference facility. Please check the schedule often and take advantage of these invaluable opportunities.

"We strive to offer the finest instructors to address current issues whether product or procedurally based."

For larger scale off-site events, we at DDS are proud to provide educational grants to enable the industries keynote speakers a chance to come to the greater Chicagoland area. Please check our off-site schedule so you won't miss these rare opportunities!

On-Site Seminars

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Off-Site Seminars

Oral Implications in Older Adults: A Growing Need for Care
September 12, 2018
Today older adults make up one of the fastest growing segments of the world population. With the fertility rate declining and life expectancy increasing, this course provides the clinician with the information necessary to make professional decisions in the process of managing the dental future and oral healthcare needs of the aging population. Enter... Baby Boomers!

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Safeguards Against Embezzlement
October 3, 2018
Statistics show six (6) out of ten doctors have been embezzled. This seminar is designed to discuss the types, warning signs and prevention of embezzlement and how to avoid becoming a statistic. Open to doctors only.

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Restorative Complications with Dental Implants: Solutions & Prevention
November 14, 2018
Dental implants are one of the most predictable options for patients today but occasionally problems happen. This presentation will review the complications that occur when dental implants are restored in partially edentulous patients. Single and multiple missing teeth will be considered separately.

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