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Dear Doctor,

Our goal is simply to exceed your expectations regarding what role a dental laboratory can achieve within the restorative team and to exhibit that differences do exist between dental laboratories. That is why I feel the sharing of information is instrumental to any successful doctor-lab relationship.

Our clients often ask us for a recommendation of a trustworthy and reliable metal refining company. To that end, the company our dental laboratory has used for the past 15 years and feel confident recommending is Atlantic Precious Metal Refining. We’ve found they give us the highest return for scrap lot.  They have exceptional staff and their owner, Don Mappin, Jr., is a former U.S. Air Force veteran and a very knowledgeable, likable, and trustworthy man.  If you’d like to know more about them, follow this link to their website or they can be reached at (800) 289-9293We simply offer this information as a service to you. We do not profit from this (or any other) referral.

If you choose to give them a try, let our driver know and they will drop off a container to you. You can also call us at (630) 369-4600 to request a container. Once you fill it, call the phone number on the container and Atlantic Precious Metal Refining will arrange for free, insured FedEx pickup, or if possible, their area representative will pick it up in person. We generally receive our scrap check within a week or two!

Below I've included some Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any additional questions or comments, please do not hesitate to call me at (800) 552-7890.

Kindest regards,

Jim Gorgol, CDT

Scrap FAQ’s:

What is the refining fee? Atlantic Precious Metal Refining (APMR) charges a flat 10% refining fee. Scrap is based on a 5 day variable market price.

May I have a representative pick up my scrap rather than FedEx it? Yes. The Atlantic Precious Metal Refining representative is in the Chicagoland area quarterly. Contact Atlantic Precious Metal Refining at (800) 289-9293 for pickup.

If I use FedEx, am I insured? Yes. In the rare case that FedEx misplaces your shipment, your product is insured up to $100 from FedEx. In addition, for new clients, as long as you have a photo of the scrap content prior to shipping, Atlantic Precious Metal Refining will calculate an estimated scrap value to make up any difference. For existing clients, a determination would be made based upon scrap history.

How much is my filled scrap container typically worth? Of course it varies, but a typical filled APMR container may range from $500 - $2,000, depending on the precious metal content.

Are there companies I should be wary of? Yes. If you are approached by someone offering you $500 cash for a container of scrap prior to refining it, you likely can expect it to be devalued by 50% - 70%.

Distinctive Dental Studio, Ltd. does not profit financially from the referral of Atlantic Precious Metal Refining, Pittsburgh, PA. We simply offer this information as a service to you.  Distinctive Dental Studio, Ltd. is not held liable for any disputes you or your representative and Atlantic Precious Metal Refining may enter into.

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