Doctor Testimonials

One of the reasons Distinctive Dental Studio has become a leading dental lab is that we listen closely to our customer's needs and respond with proven, effective solutions.

William Simon, DMD

City Smiles, Chicago, IL

“My practice has been using Distinctive Dental Studio for all of our fixed and removable restorations for over 20 years. The reason is simple. A great team of professionals committed to quality, consistency, reliability, and excellent customer service.”

Zareen Kapadia, DDS

Kirk Family Dentistry, Aurora, IL

“I am thrilled that Distinctive Dental Studio is a part of my dental team. Prior to working with DDS, I always felt the laboratory I used was more of an adversary. That has changed so much since meeting Jim. They are essentially my dental partners. I am always confident in their quality lab work, which in turn, makes me a better dentist for my patients! I actually look forward to my crown seat appointments. Thank you for producing consistent and beautiful results."

Natalie Korolis, DMD

All Heart Dental, Palos Heights, IL

“For the first time in a long time, I feel like I am actually working with a lab where technicians truly understand dentistry and the mechanics and engineering of what goes into patients' mouths. The work I receive from Distinctive Dental Studio is unmatched, whether it's crowns, bridges, implant restorations, or nightguards... you name it. My chair time during deliveries has become predictable and no longer frustrating. They are so great at communicating and let me know if there are any issues they foresee in a case. I wish I made the switch sooner as I am so happy with the work they provide for my patients and me.”

Rodney A. Blaney, DMD

CDG Smiles, Chicago, IL

“We are proud to say that we have 27 years of working with DDS. In two words, 'consistent excellence' describes the reason we are satisfied with their service and professionalism. I would recommend this lab to anyone who insists on a fine product not once or twice but continually.”

Denise Murmann, DDS

Murmann Dental Health, Naperville, IL

“I love them! I use BruxZir in the posterior and either Empress or eMax Pressed in the anterior. They have an area at their office to provide custom shading for patients willing to go in. I am pleased with their removable prostho and if it is a mixed case where a crown needs to fit a partial, the different parts of the lab work together and make the case go in easily. Best of all, they are some of the nicest, well educated, and thoughtful people. They are a delight to work with, and I cannot express how much I respect them and their work.”

Paul Ladone, DDS

Ladone Family Dental Center, Lisle, IL

“Dentistry is a very challenging profession, and finding a great dental lab to help can be even more challenging. Having worked with Jim and his outstanding team for over 20 years has been nothing short of a lifesaver! I can confidently rely on them to provide outstanding quality restorations, always knowing they have my back in collaborating to find treatment solutions for difficult cases. They place quality care as their top priority, and it shows in the work they deliver!”

Katherine M. Borello, DDS

Belke & Borello, Glen Ellyn, IL

“I couldn’t ask for a more reliable, friendly, and knowledgeable lab when it comes to partials and dentures. They are easy to work with for repairs and relines. On difficult patients, it is nice to collaborate with their experienced team. They consistently deliver great work, and the patients love the end results! Thanks for being the lab I know I can always count on.”

John Guerrieri, DDS

John A. Guerrieri, DDS, LTD, Wood Dale, IL

“I began my relationship with Distinctive Dental Studio 25 years ago based on their reputation for quality. I have continued not only because the quality has remained consistently high but also because of the outstanding personal service.”

Drs. Phil and Ron Cannizzaro

Phillip Cannizzaro, DDS, PC, North Riverside, IL

“For several decades, Distinctive Dental Studio (DDS, Ltd.) has maintained a consistently high level of professionalism and expertise with everyone in our office. Their extensive attention to detail has created a higher standard of product which is unmatched in our 30 years of practice. We personally recommend DDS, Ltd. and will continue to use their services for years to come.”

Jeffrey S. Wascher, DDS

Jeffrey S. Wascher, DDS, Downers Grove, IL

“I have worked with Distinctive Dental Studio, Ltd. lab exclusively for the last ten years. They are an integral member of my dental team, helping me provide the best dentistry possible. They are professional in every way—knowledgeable, consistent, esthetic, and of superior quality. From treatment planning to delivery, they cover all bases. The dentist is only as good as his/her lab, and I trust all my dental cases with DDS, Ltd.”

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