Strong, Esthetic, Pre-shaded Zirconia Blanks.

Zenostar® Material

This translucent zirconia material combines excellent flexural strength with the esthetics of natural tooth shades. Zenostar® is especially suitable for making monolithic restorations but can also be used as an esthetic framework material. With full contour Zenostar® restorations, there are two methods of achieving the desired shade; the Zenostar® brush infiltration technique or the Zenostar® staining technique. Six pre-shaded zirconia blanks, pure, light, medium, intense, sun, and sun chroma, form the basis for reproducing the patient’s natural dentition. Due to their warm, reddish nuance, Zenostar® Zr Translucent sun & sun chroma are suitable for restorations with individual color characterization and can therefore be used for patients whose own natural dentition deviates from the classical tooth shades.

General Information

Ever since the functional properties of zirconia as a high performance material for dental restorations became fully established, the demands placed on the material by both dental technicians and dental clinicians alike have been continually increasing.

The use of zirconia, as an esthetic framework material for full contour dental restorations, requires a highly translucent and tooth colored base material. In addition to creating the most suitable powder to use as the raw material in the creation of the zirconia blanks, each stage of the process chain must be coordinated and optimized in order to fully exploit the exceptional material properties offered by zirconia and to create the basis of a high quality, durable dental restoration.

Zenostar® zirconia meets these demands with improved flexural strength, greater resistance to breakage, and better anti-aging properties, making the material safe and reliable enough to be worn for a much longer period. The innovative Zenostar® material can be used to make natural looking, cost effective monolithic restorations and esthetic frameworks for individual ceramic veneering.

Preparation Requirements

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ADA Insurance Codes

Single Unit: D2740
Bridge Abutment: D6740
Bridge Pontic: D6245

Made in the USA

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